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The Helldivers 2 community is fed up with these arrogant players



Helldivers 2 fans are tired of arrogant high-ranking players ruining the fun by forcing others to use weapons and meta ploys.

Arrowhead has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans since the release of Helldivers 2, so much so that it has become one of the largest games on Steam in terms of concurrent players.

Being one of the biggest games on Steam has its advantages. For example, greater revenue margin for Arrowhead to work on quality updates. However, it can also cause some inconveniences, such as server overload.

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Despite these small server issues already partially resolved, players continue to flock to try Helldivers 2. Players range from veterans of the franchise to casual and new players to Helldivers.

However, casual players have found one aspect of the game that they don't like.

Helldivers 2 fans slam high-ranking players for complaining

Helldivers fan Gilmore75 shared a complaint discovered online with the community. He then immediately shared both the original quote and his own frustrations.

The original quote was an arrogant high ranking player complaining about casual players.

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The quote read: “ We need to set a standard for 8+ missions (…) If they use anything other than the correct crusher. Expel them. If they have useless schemes that are weak. Expel them. If they don't have a Rail Gun or Grenade Launcher. Kick them out (…) We must set a standard for high-ranking play “, we could read.

But others, like the player who shared the complaint, were frustrated by these kinds of arrogant people: “ Why are people like this? “.

Others couldn't agree more and found it sad that this type of attitude was spreading among high-ranking players and ruining the fun for others.

One player complained: “ I don't know, but the fact that people can take such a fun game and then be so serious and mean about it makes me sad honestly “.

However, if players can ignore the complaints of others, Helldivers 2 is a fantastic game that is definitely worth trying; some love it so much that they even upgrade to the Deluxe Edition.

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