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The Helldivers 2 community is looking to spend its surplus resources



Once you've unlocked everything, there's nothing left to grind in Helldivers 2. With that in mind, players are pooling their brains to come up with unique end-game rewards.

Helldivers 2's core gameplay cycle is among the best in the industry, with players from around the world rallying together to spread freedom and democracy across the galaxy. Completing missions distributes rewards in the form of materials and resources that can be used to unlock an even greater arsenal of weaponry.

However, once you've unlocked everything the game offers, there's literally nothing left to use your materials on. With this in mind, Helldivers players are racking their brains to create an alternative solution on what excess materials can be used for.

In a post shared on the Helldivers subreddit, a player shared his thoughts: “All resources above their respective cap should automatically be “donated”, and you would have a “donation score” which does absolutely nothing apart from being a number to brag about. »

He continued : “Just a simple “lifetime donation contribution score »

Other ideas followed similar trends, with players sharing unique ideas such as painting armor, or even permanent unlocks similar to Borderland 2's Badass ranks.

Another interesting suggestion was a community pool of resources to help areas that need to be freed up to provide cooldowns or minor buffs for a period of time.

There's no wrong answer when it comes to possible rewards for completionists, and with confirmation that more levels will be coming at some point, it would certainly keep the grind as engaging as ever.

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