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The Last of Us creator is already thinking about retirement



With his nest egg guaranteed and a great legacy in the industry, not only in games but also in entertainment, the creator of The Last of Us and now the main name at Naughty Dog, Neil Druckmann, does not intend to have a career lasting many more years in electronic games. . In an interview with the Logically Speaking podcast, by rapper Logic, the executive explained how the company's insane work has been affecting him and making him think about retirement.

Unlike some legendary names in the market, such as Hideo Kojima, for example, who at 60 years old has his own studio and is developing multiple projects, the developer of the famous story of Joel, Ellie and company sees himself making the transition to something more calm in the future. The example is Quentin Tarantino, a filmmaker who set a limit of ten films for his career.

“I don’t see myself doing this forever on this scale. It's a lot, and it demands a lot of you. It's very stressful, managing so many people in various studios around the world. I know that, especially now that my daughter is 13, I feel like life is taking me away from her. Time is limited so it is very precious to me; I don't want to waste it when my family wants to spend more with me. So, I can see myself transitioning into something calmer that still allows me to have a creative outlet. But I started thinking about how many more of these games I have inside me, and there aren’t many,” said the creator of The Last of Us.

It is worth remembering that, last year, Naughty Dog announced the cancellation of the long-awaited multiplayer project The Last of Us. However, there is recent news that the studio is currently developing “more than one title”. We can only wait for official announcements now, especially after the 900 layoffs announced by Sony last Tuesday (27). Especially because Naughty Dog was one of the companies affected, losing part of its team.

Creator of The Last of Us asks visitors not to reveal anything about ND

Kieran Culkin, one of the highlights of HBO's Succession, visited Naughty Dog's headquarters this Monday (26), alongside his wife, Jazz Charton. And she shared some records on her Instagram profile. Neil Druckmann, who is now co-head and creative director of the company, but is also the creator of the game The Last of Us and executive producer of the television adaptation of the work, reposted a photo with a very curious comment. Click here to see more.

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