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The Last of Us: the rumor of a “cliffhanger” for season 2 worries fans



Rumors about a potential cliffhanger in season 2 of The Last of Us worries fans, who fear that the story will end with unbearable suspense.

The iconic HBO series is one of those rare productions that can boast of having broken the curse of failed video game adaptations. While respecting the original support, its casting and production were able to prove themselves worthy of the expectations of the community of fans of The Last of Usinitially released as an exclusive for the Playstation, Sony's console.

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Obviously, after the success of the first season, the sequel is expected around the corner. Especially since each new piece of information released by the directors or the casting proves to be interesting, both in the preparation of part 2 and with regard to the new faces who will play the characters in the video game.

Many theories are circulating about this part 2, which shook the gaming community for its plot as harsh as it was violent. And with the start of filming imminent, a new rumor is starting to circulate: season 2 of The Last of Us would end on a cliffhanger, which would leave viewers in uncertainty and waiting for a third season.

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Season 2 of The Last of Us would be shorter than season 1

According to the insider Daniel Richtmannseason 2 of The Last of Us will only have seven episodes, with the sequel apparently to be adapted over two seasons.

Reports indicate that The Last of Us season 2 would have 7 episodes. The second game will be adapted over two seasons in total.

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Which amounts to two episodes less than the first part, which adapted the entirety of the first game – right down to its iconic closing scene showing Joel and Ellie above Jackson's camp.

It should also be recognized that part 2 of the games is a little longer. Its plot picks up four years later with Joel and Ellie, who has realized that her adoptive father lied to her about the Fireflies. This is where things go wrong and the heroes meet a character with very specific intentions. A meeting that will change many things, and will shake up the players' point of view.

Without going into details to avoid spoiling the still innocent spectators, the video game from the Naughty Dog studio had fun putting its players on the side of the big bad of this installment of The Last of Us. As our heroes pursue the antagonist, the point of view shifts to his side near the middle of the story.

It is therefore entirely possible that the series adopts the same rhythm, and follows this unique proposal by stopping just before following the adventures on the side of Joel and Ellie's enemy.

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Season 2 of The Last of Us will be released in 2025: filming will begin mid-February. If the release window was made official in an HBO teaser, the precise date has not yet been given at this stage.

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