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The legend of Dungeons and Dragons immortalized in a secret of Baldur's Gate 3



Baldur's Gate 3 pays homage to one of the deadliest monsters in the Dungeons and Dragons universe and the man who dared to fight him.

Built in the D&D universe, Baldur's Gate is packed with lore around every corner. The most recent addition related to this was discovered by a player exploring one of the Act 3 areas.

An overturned grave can be found while exploring in Act 3. As you approach the grave, text appears on screen that reads the epitaph of the person buried there.

“Flandro 'Tarrasque-Bitter' Grassley – The hunter hunted, the biter bitten. »

For those unfamiliar with the Tarrasque, it is a Godzilla-like creature found in Dungeons and Dragons. Covered in spikes with large horns, the Tarrasque is not a creature to be taken lightly, making the feat of even attempting to bite the creature all the more heroic.

The story of Flandro Grassley is not present in the main story of Baldur's Gate, but the easter egg is impressive nonetheless.

This is something that has also fascinated other fans of the franchise, based on the comments under the Reddit post where this was discovered.

“To be honest, I'm quite impressed that he went as far as his epitaph suggests. » a fan said in the comments.

Another comment was made about an interaction later in Act 3. Tav and his companions are confronted by a spider. If interacted multiple times, this may result in your Tav licking the spider's blood.

To which Gale will respond with “Stop licking that damn thing!” » Which led players to compare the similarities between the spider and the Tarrasque.

“Stop biting that damned thing!” » another user joked.

Whether this tomb and epitaph means that Baldur's Gate will soon have its own Tarrasque is unknown, although the idea of ​​introducing the creature into the universe remains an interesting possibility.

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