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The new Dragon Ball theme park announced with a first teaser



goku dragon ball parc attractions

Franchise Dragon Ball continues to develop internationally, since fans have just learned that the universe imagined by the late Akira Toriyama will be entitled to its own theme park.

Appearing in the list of the most popular shonens still today, 40 years after its debut, Dragon Ball has become a true classic among manga and anime fans. The universe imagined by the famous Akira Toriyama has rocked an entire generation, having opened the way for many other mangakas subsequently.

This is why fans around the world were more than saddened by the death of Toriyama a few weeks ago, the mangaka having died at the age of 68 following an acute subdural hematoma. The public has since been able to discover the last moving message from the creator of Goku and the other Z Fighters, the Japanese author having thanked all the people who have supported him and his work throughout these decades.

And if the franchise has recently been talked about again, it's because it is about to expand in a way that is at least unexpected. Indeed, fans of Dragon Ball have just learned that the work will soon have its own amusement park.

A Dragon Ball theme park announced: a world first

It is on the official website of the franchise that we can learn more about this new amusement park, which is none other than the only Dragon Ball theme park in the world. A project announced by the Qiddiya Investment Company and which will be based in Saudi Arabia, as part of its vast project called “Qiddiya”.

Extending over more than 500,000 m², the Dragon Ball amusement park therefore aims to pay homage to the entire license, ranging from the beginnings of Dragon Ball until its latest sequel, namely Dragon Ball Super. A project which was revealed today, and of which we can have a first glimpse thanks to a presentation video.

Here is an overview of what we can find in this Dragon Ball theme park:

  • 7 different zones featuring various emblematic places in the universe, such as Kame House, the Capsule Corporation or Planet Beerus
  • More than 30 attractions, including 5 “ultra-modern” rides
  • a life-size Shenron 70 meters high, with Russian montages present inside the famous magical dragon

Fans can now have different glimpses of the cult locations of the Dragon Ball universe which will be reproduced in the next amusement park thanks to concept art. This therefore allows us to see the famous Tenkaichi Budokai arena arrive in the real world, but also the base of the Red Ribbon Army, without forgetting the Karin Tower.

Concept art of the Kame House in the Dragon Ball theme park
concept art of the capsule corp in the Dragon Ball amusement park
concept art of the planet beerus in the Dragon Ball amusement park
concept art of the tenkaichi budokai arena in the Dragon Ball amusement park
concept art of shenron in the dragon ball amusement park
concept art of karin tower in dragon ball amusement park
concept art of the Dragon Ball amusement park at night
concept art of a nighttime show in the Dragon Ball amusement park
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