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The number of pages of One Piece chapter 1118 once again worries fans



Chapter 1118 of One Piece will only have 13 pages, which once again worries fans about the health of the mangaka, Eiichiro Oda.

Chapter 1118 spoilers One Piece, which recently appeared, divided fans. While this is an important chapter, many were disappointed by the repetitive previews and, in particular, Bonney’s rise to power. But more than anything, it is the low number of pages that concerns them.

It’s no surprise that One Piece been having pacing issues for some time. Although Egghead’s arc is considered one of the best in the manga by some, it has also seen several breaks in recent months.

Additionally, the manga also produces chapters with a significantly reduced page count. It started with chapter 1114 which was only 15 pages long, compared to the usual 18-19 pages. Then chapter 1115 had 17, then chapter 1116 only 13.

The author also took another break after chapter 1116. However, since the manga returned with chapter 1117, Oda has yet to take a break, giving fans hope that he is back in full swing again. shape. But now, the low page count of Chapter 1118 has them worried again about his health condition.

“I hope Oda is okay,” responded one user to the post on X/Twitter, while another added, “Oda needs to put down the pens.” A third wrote, “The fact that he’s still working on the manga for so long is incredible and deserves respect.”

A fourth added, “I’m completely satisfied no matter how many pages, man. If he needs to rest then he should, he more than deserves it,” and a fifth said, “Okay, I’m a little worried, I’m not going to lie.”

Many also expect another break after this chapter, especially with the low page count. A user wrote, “I feel like after another chapter he’s going to take another break.”

There has been no announcement of another break yet. So, at this point, nothing is certain. However, every manga in the Weekly Shōnen Jump regularly takes a break every three chapters. So even if it’s not for Oda’s health, we can expect another break planned after chapter 1119.

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