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The One Piece manga resumes this week, and there’s some good news



After last week’s break, the manga One Piece returns this Sunday. And for the occasion, fans learned this good news which should delight more than one.

One Piece reaches new heights with each chapter of the Egghead Arc. However, its pacing suffered from multiple breaks between chapters. The last time the manga took a break was after chapter 1116, following another break just two weeks ago.

However, the manga seems to be picking up its pace. A leaker of One Piece revealed on X/Twitter that the manga will not take further breaks after chapter 1117. This chapter is scheduled for June 16, 2024. So this means that there should normally be no break in the next few weeks, and hopefully the publication will not be interrupted until the end of this chapter. month of June at least.

Because it is not uncommon for mangas from Weekly Shōnen Jumpincluding One Piece, take a break every three weeks. This allows authors to relax a little from their workload. But the creator of One PieceEiichiro Oda, has recently taken frequent breaks due to his health.

stella vegapunk in one piece anime

The author seems to be doing better now and the manga may return to its original publication schedule. Fans are delighted, given the excitement currently generated by the manga’s plot. Additionally, the ongoing Egghead Arc is nearing its conclusion, as the release of the Elbaf Arc was teased last month.

To begin such an important arc awaited by fans, the mangaka must be in great shape. This is why the fact that One Piece not taking another break soon gives readers some hope regarding the manga’s future. An Internet user responded following the publication on X/Twitter: “Thank God Oda is back”while another said: “Those two words – no pause and my world suddenly becomes so bright.”

However, some also fear another break after chapter 1118, given the manga’s recent trend. A Reddit user wrote: “And then after 1118 we will have another break, I swear it will never end“, and a second added: “No break this week, then after next week we go on hiatus for (insert here).”

That One Piece Whether or not to take another break after chapter 1118 cannot be predicted at this point. However, despite complaints from some fans, many encourage the author to take some time for himself. But for now, everyone is excited for the upcoming chapter 1117, especially given the recent teasers we’ve seen circulating online about it.

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