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The real Saltburn Castle invaded by influencers: the owner hires guards



Saltburn has turned the brains of many viewers since its release on Prime Video, and some have difficulty turning the page: the owner of the castle which served as a filming location had to face intrusions from fans.

Emerald Fennel's film was divisive upon its release. Between a public sometimes scandalized by the daring scenes and the phenomenon on social networks, it will have been difficult to miss Saltburn. From Jacob Elordi's bath water to the awards given to the feature film, the title will have made the rounds on the web.

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And it seems that it's not quite over. Because fans who were a little too motivated went so far as to look for the main location for filming, a castle called “Saltburn” in the eponymous film. The mansion is actually in Northamptonshire, England, and indeed features the maze of rooms and corridors overlooking the park that we see on screen.

The owner of the house, Charles Stoford Sackville, said he did not appreciate this sudden interest from fans of Saltburn. Especially since the affair takes on, according to him, unexpected proportions.

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The mansion of Saltburn finds himself invaded by influencers

Charles Stoford Sackville told the Daily Mail that he noticed an increase in visitors after the film's release. According to him, the fault lies with TikTok influencers who would have shared the route to access the property.

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I never imagined it would generate such interest. It's quite strange,” he told the media, before specifying: “I don't take it as a compliment.”

The 700-year-old mansion is actually named Drayton House and has a path open to the public, running right next to the property. Sackville said it has hired more staff and brought in a security team to prevent unwanted visitors from filming the property.

Most people are pretty respectful, but some get, well, a little curious” he explained to the Daily Mail.

The owner also expressed his hope that interest in the mansion would fade over time, following the release of Saltburn.

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