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The removal of Resurgence Duo from Warzone enrages players



Warzone removed Resurgence Duo mode from its weekly playlist, which immediately provoked the wrath of players.

Raven Software has released the weekly playlist that will be active in Warzone from June 13 to 19. During this period, players will be able to engage in Lockdown Quad on Rebirth Island, Pillage Quad on Urzikstan, as well as Resurgence Solo, Trio and Quad.

Several other modes are also in the playlist, but players are frustrated that a popular mode is not included, Resurgence Duo.

Warzone users expressed their dissatisfaction with the absence of Resurgence Duo in response to Raven’s announcement of the playlist.

Resurgence Duo no longer exists?” asked a Twitter user/X under the developer’s post.

In response to someone wondering why Duos mode matters so much, one person responded that she and others prefer to play Warzone without “getting together with strangers…

Gamers on Reddit also share this sentiment, with one user particularly criticizing the Call of Duty publisher, writing: “I am furious. F**k Activision.

Others are frustrated because Resurgence Duo was their favorite mode. “This was the only mode I played with my friend. Why the hell did they put 2 Quads in Resurgence…?” said one player.

This isn’t the first time Warzone has removed its popular Duo option. Much to the disappointment of Call of Duty players, Raven Software had already shelved the Battle Royale Duo mode in March 2024.

For now, Warzone faithful can only hope that Resurgence Duo returns in a future playlist.

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