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The Rise of Ronin may have been canceled in South Korea



After a controversy involving the director of Team Ninja and Sony's Korean division, the release of The Rise of Ronin may have been canceled in the country. The title is no longer available on the local PS Store nor does it appear in retail advertisements.

According to a report published by the website Ruliweb, SIE Korea would have released a note confirming that the game's physical and digital media are blocked in Korea. All promotional material, with the exception of the first trailer, has been duly removed from the local YouTube channel.

The manufacturer did not make the reason behind the decision clear, but everything indicates that it is related to comments made by the game's director, Fumuhiko Yasuda, in the recent behind-the-scenes video. This is because, at the opportunity, he would have supported Japan's conquest of Korean lands.

Understand the controversy surrounding The Rise of Ronin

In the mini documentary, Yasuda is shown visiting Shoka Sonjuku school in Hagi. The place, founded in the 19th century by scholar Yoshida Shōin, was the stage for the dissemination of a controversial ideology, which would have promoted the strengthening of Japan through an imperialist strategy.

Although it was a different world in a different time, I believe he could be compared to Socrates. I wanted to portray his teachings and his life from the moment I started working on The Rise of Ronin. He was not just a philosopher. He insisted on the importance of taking action.

Years after the school's founding, Yoshida's students became key figures during the Meiji era (1868-1912), guiding armies and politicians toward victory in the First Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895) and the Russo-Japanese War. Japanese (1904-1905).

The leader of Shoka Sonjuku is seen as a controversial name in South Korea, as his ideas founded Seikanron thought. Also known as Jeonghanrok, the 1873 political debate was the pivot for punitive action against the Koreans, which resulted in the Japanese occupation from 1910 to 1945.

The relationship between Yoshida and The Rise of Ronin takes place through the character Kogoro Katsura, a student of the philosopher in real life and confirmed as one of the historical figures in the game.

the rise of the roninthe rise of the ronin
Source: Team Ninja

The Rise of Ronin will be released on March 22nd for PS5. Pre-order your physical media with a guaranteed lowest price and free shipping through this link.

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