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The Rise of Ronin's first score is “almost perfect”



A few days before its release, The Rise of Ronin has the first note released on the internet. The evaluation was carried out by the demanding Japanese magazine Famitsu, which classified Team Ninja's samurai adventure with an average of 37 points.

According to the newspaper's weekly update, of the four ratings shared by analysts, one was maximum. Meanwhile, the remaining three were 9, resulting in an overall average that suggests excellent game quality.

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It is worth remembering that even a score of 37 points is already a very surprising achievement for The Rise of Ronin. This is because Famitsu is known for its high level of demand, with only 30 maximum ratings published among almost 40 years of history.

The Rise of Ronin will be released on March 22nd for PS5. Purchase your physical media with free shipping and credit card installment options through this link.

The Rise of Ronin may be running at 45 FPS on PS5

Newly released previews of The Rise of Ronin indicate that the game may be experiencing performance issues. In some cases, the frame rate would drop to 45 FPS, creating “disturbing” experiences at certain times. Click here to learn more.

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