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The sequel to the Baki anime finally announced



The anime Baki Hanmawhich is certainly one of the most popular shonens on Netflix, will finally be entitled to a sequel, adapting the next manga series which features the arrival of an emblematic figure in Japanese history.

Since Netflix revived the franchise in 2018, Baki has become one of the most popular anime on the streaming platform. If the anime has been able to seduce the public, it is thanks to fights that are as impressive as they are improbable, all carried by a gripping plot, but also and above all by characters, each more charismatic than the other.

We follow the journey of young Baki Hanma, considered “the strongest high school student in the world”, and who aims to compete with his father, Yujiro Hanma, nicknamed “the Ogre”. To do this, he will confront the best fighters on the planet, giving rise to extraordinary clashes that defy the imagination.

Based on the eponymous manga series by Keisuke Itagaki, the latest anime that fans have been able to discover is none other than Baki Hanma: Son of Ogre, season 2 of which was released last summer on Netflix. An anime which will finally be entitled to a sequel, since it is Baki-Dou which will now have its animated adaptation.

This is the fourth manga series in the franchise, released between 2014 and 2018 in the Weekly Shōnen Champion. The plot of Baki-Dou follows the events that occurred in Baki Hanma, while the young protagonist had finally measured himself against his father. A final confrontation that left everyone wanting more, and that's why some will do their best to find a way to surpass that, bringing back an illustrious character from the past, namely the famous Miyamoto Musashi.

The anime announcement Baki-Dou comes to us from Japan, and we currently have no details on a potential international release. Given that it is Netflix that currently owns the rights to the franchise in many countries around the world, then we can expect that Baki-Dou lands in the streaming giant's catalog, although nothing is certain at the moment.

It's worth noting that Netflix also just announced a crossover Baki Hanma Vs Kengan Ashurameaning that the platform also has plans for the future of the franchise.

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