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The Sims competitor, Life by You is canceled



Paradox decided to cancel Life by You, which was seen as a possible competitor to The Sims in the life simulation genre. After three postponements, the company decided to reevaluate the project and it ended up being discarded, as explained by executive director Mattias Lilja.

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In a statement released on the company’s forum, he explained the following:

Unfortunately, we have decided to cancel the release of the long-awaited life simulator Life by You. This was an extremely difficult decision to make and is a clear failure by Paradox to meet both our own and the community’s expectations. We realize this raises some big questions; Here we hope to shed at least some light on why we chose to cancel, rather than postpone, as we previously communicated.

Life By YouLife By You

More on Life by You’s cancellation

Life by You had been in development for a long time, the CEO explained. According to him, the entire project generated enormous excitement and the potential seen in it was high.

However, with each postponement, several improvements needed to be made, and as they did not reach the desired quality, a definitive decision had to be made.

Were you hoping to play this potential competitor to The Sims? Tell us what you thought of the cancellation in the comments!

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