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The sky of Palworld turns tinged with apocalypse following an unusual glitch



Since its launch, Palworld players have encountered their share of bizarre glitches. Some bugs downright hampered the experience, like the one that made the Pal Penking so big that it caused the game to crash.

Glitches can sometimes be fun, though. For example, an animation bug convinced a player that his creature Beegarde was going to transform into a Super Saiyan.

Another problem that continues to manifest itself is turning the sky a reddish-pink hue. Reddit user TheOriginalSkyZer0 posted screenshots of the phenomenon, as seen below:

When asking about the strangely colored sky, the Redditor noted that he tried to fix it in various ways. Restarting the game and his PC didn't help, nor did adjusting Palworld's brightness settings, the player said.

Naturally, jokes about the strange color of the sky fill the comments. “It's a blood moon, all the pals you've killed since you started playing will now come back to life and hunt you”one person joked.

Another added: “Palworld collaborated with Biblical Revelation. »

However, some Palworld users pointed out that the unusual sky is actually the result of a visual glitch. Worse yet, it can become increasingly annoying due to instances of flashes and random black screens.

To correct it, those affected should visit the Alpha Blazamut Cave location, walk inside until the cave lighting changes, then exit.

This particular glitch plagued the game for several weeks. Unfortunately, we do not yet know if Pocketpair plans to fix this problem.

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