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The start of Horizon Forbidden West on PC is disappointing



Despite Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition's very positive start on PC in terms of reviews, sales numbers seem quite weak. Data from the Steam database indicates that the port may not live up to Sony's expectations, due to low public engagement.

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According to Steam Charts, around 20,000 players are active at the time this article is being written. In the first few hours, the title reached a peak of 25,258 simultaneous people and maintains a satisfactory evaluation with almost 90% approval.

Unfortunately, these numbers are not enough to overcome PlayStation's “weaker” titles. Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition is behind The Last of Us Part I (36,496) and Days Gone (27,380), in addition to being quite far from Horizon Zero Dawn (56,557).

This Friday (22), Aloy's adventure appears as the fourth best-selling game on Valve's platform. Ahead of you are Dragon's Dogma 2, Counter Strike 2 and EA Sports FC 24.

Horizon Forbidden West is available for PS4, PS5 and PC.

Check out what's new in the PC version of Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West debuts on PC with custom settings and support for a wide variety of customizations. Furthermore, the title is compatible with the latest Nvidia GPU technologies, as well as a series of other advanced features. Click here to learn more.

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