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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Virginia is the next victim

Am 28. März steht ein umfassendes Update für The Texas Chain Saw Massacre an, mit dem Gun Media neue Inhalte veröffentlicht. Dazu gehört das jüngste Opfer Virginia. Der Charakter von Virginia basiert auf niemand geringerem als der Horrorkönigin Barbara Crampton, die am selben Tag verfügbar sein wird, wie die neue Karte, The Mill und ein



The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Virginia is the next victim

A comprehensive update is available on March 28th The Texas Chain Saw Massacre through which Gun Media publishes new content. This includes the youngest victim, Virginia.

The character of Virginia is based on none other than horror queen Barbara Crampton, which will be available on the same day as the new map, The Mill and a new Character Outfit Pack.

Looking for a son

Virginia is a grieving mother who cannot cope with the disappearance of her son Jesse. She becomes obsessed with his disappearance and refuses to believe that he could be gone forever. The burden of her pain is so great that she gives up her nursing career to move to Newt, TX, the last place Jesse was seen.

Barbara Crampton not only impersonates Virgina, but also the dubbing voice. As a nurse, she has unique skills that allow her to track down Sissy's flower powder, disorient enemies, and contaminate buckets of blood.

Barbara Crampton spielt Virginia in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Barbara Crampton spielt Virginia in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Regarding her appearance in the game, Crampton explains:

“Gunnar Hansen was my friend, so it was a great experience to maintain the wonderful legacy of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre through my involvement in this game. Working with everyone at GUN on my new DLC character was a remarkable experience! They are among the best in the industry. I’m so proud of what they’ve created and I’m excited for everyone to see all the new stuff!”

The new map The Mill features a completely different layout than the currently available maps, relying on more verticality and four different levels, including a dry stream bed. This allows for new strategic options to escape Leatherface and The Mill alive.

A brand new Outfit Pack for Victim character Danny is also now available, featuring a range of '70s-inspired styles.

The complete patch notes for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre-Updates are expected on March 28th.

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