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The trailer for the animated film Watchmen is released, and fans are unanimous on one point



Warner Bros. has finally revealed the trailer for its animated adaptation of Watchmenand fans already know what the writer of the comic series, Alan Moore, will think about it.

First announced in 2017, Warner Bros. has officially confirmed its latest anime adaptation of Watchmen during the San Diego Comic-Con in 2023. This animated film divided into two parts aims to be a more faithful adaptation to the famous comic series by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons than previous adaptations.

A trailer for Watchmen Chapter I & II finally appeared on June 13, 2024, and fans seem to all agree on one thing. While most seem to enjoy the trailer for what it is, many thought the same thing, that Alan Moore will hate this.

“I love Zack Snyder’s movie,” said a fan on X/Twitter. “I’m sure this animated feature film will be more faithful to the original material, but still hated by Alan Moore.”

“Doesn’t Alan Moore hate all the adaptations of his comics? Why do they keep doing this?” another fan asked.

Other fans also expressed their own concerns, pointing out the historical inability of Watchmen to be correctly adapted and the fact that several adaptations of the original comics are already available.

As one user on YouTube said, “At this point, we need to stop worrying about Alan Moore’s feelings on the issue and start worrying about the people who are working on this kind of lifeless mush to protect intellectual property.”

They reference a long-standing grudge Alan Moore has with DC. Moore signed contracts for Watchmen And V for Vendetta believing that the rights to these projects would revert to him after their publication.

However, neither Watchmen neither V for Vendetta have never gone out of print, and new adaptations are regularly produced, preventing the rights from reverting to Moore. This was the impetus for Moore’s separation from DC, as he vowed to never work for them again.

Movies Watchmen: Chapter I & II are anticipated by many as they are brand new adaptations of the iconic story of Watchmen. However, they are far from the first attempts at adapting Moore and Dave Gibbons’ superhero epic.

The first was a film adaptation that was to be directed by Terry Gilliam, who found a film impossible and wanted to make it into a miniseries before ultimately leaving the project. In the introduction to Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman in 2003, Gilliam said to Watchmen : “Some works should be left as is…in their original form.”

Watchmen remained in the closet until Zack Snyder used the momentum of his film’s success 300 (2006) to carry out his version of the project. Although Zack Snyder’s 2009 film, titled Watchmen: The Guardiansis perhaps the best known and best received, Watchmen was also adapted to the motion comic format in 2008, which uses light animation to give movement to existing panels.

There was also a series on Max in 2019 created by the showrunner of Lost, Damon Lindelof. This series, which is a direct sequel to the comic book and not Snyder’s previous film, received critical praise and remains beloved by fans to this day, although many are frustrated that it never got a proper release. second season.

Watchmen: Chapter I is simply announced to be released “soon”. We therefore thought we would hope that the first part would be released sometime in 2024, and that the Chapter II is planned for the following year. Other details, such as the casting, are also to be announced. Waiting for the animated film Watchmen, here is our selection of the best films to watch in streaming this month. You can also check out our top summer anime not to be missed.

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