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There won’t be Arcane Season 3, but that’s great news



As the second season of Arcane approaches, fans have just learned that it will also be the last. Here’s why this news should make you happy.

It was difficult to avoid Hurricane Arcane in November 2021, while the animated series transcribing a small piece of the League of Legends universe burst onto our screens, thanks in particular to the mastery of the Fortiche animation studio.

Now that Jinx and Vi’s epic tale has proven to the world that a MOBA can be the basis for one of the best video game adaptations of all time, fans are eagerly awaiting Arcane Season 2, the first of which trailer was revealed on June 11, 2024.

However, the good news was accompanied by an unexpected message from the showrunner of the animated series: Christian Link. In a short video posted on social networks, he explains bluntly that there will be no season 3 for Arcane.

“From the very beginning, when we were just starting to work on this project, we had a clear ending in mind. This means that the Arcane story concludes with season 2.”

If the news may seem catastrophic for aficionados of League of Legends, Arcane, or both, Christian Link immediately announces that the end of this story in no way marks the end of adaptations of League of Legends under the expert pencil from Fortiche.

“Arcane is only the beginning of our great storytelling epic, and of our partnership with the incredible Parisian animation studio Fortiche (…) We want to give the same treatment to other champions.”

Which champions for the next League of Legends animated series?

For newcomers to League of Legends and the world of Runeterra, know that the essential MOBA currently has no less than 168 playable characters, called champions. And if not everyone is necessarily worthy of an epic in their image, be sure that Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn and others are far from being the only exciting champions of this rich universe.

Already during season 1 of Arcane, the surprisingly frequent presence of ravens on the screen quickly reminded us of the existence of Swain, the Noxian general, who could well have sent his volatile spies to Piltover. It immediately becomes difficult not to dream of a series recounting the ruthless battles for power of Noxus, but also their eternal conflict with the city of Demacia. Such a work could bring together on screen champions like Katarina, Cassiopeia, Lux, Garen, Jarvan IV and many others.

Comic strip Ashe: War Chief

Comic strip Ashe: War Chief

We can also dream of the snowy plains or the jutting peaks of the Freljord. If this hostile land has already been explored by the comic strip Ashe: Warchief, many would undoubtedly like to find Lissandra, Tryndamere, Volibear and many others on the screen.

Behind these two examples of regions rich in legends and notable characters hide many other stories to tell. The Shadow Isles, Ionia, the Void and Shurima are all exciting regions that deserve to be discovered through a different Arcane epic, but hopefully also memorable.

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