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This “abused” item from Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 is driving players crazy



Some Fortnite players have claimed that a particular weapon introduced in Chapter 5 Season 2 is “abused” and “broken” because of its range and damage.

As with every new season, Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 brought new weapons and items. Given this season's Greek mythology theme, it's only fitting that Epic decided to introduce players to the Wings of Icarus and the Thunderbolt of Zeus.

The Wings of Icarus is a new mobility item that allows players to fly and knock enemies to the ground. However, the last one is a brand new mythic item that lets you throw three deadly bolts of lightning at your enemies after briefly jumping into the air.

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While the new additions to the game help change things up, it didn't take long for some players to criticize this item as being “abused”. In a thread on Reddit, a user claimed that it is “the most broken object in history”before explaining that they were eliminated instantly through a wall.

They continued, “He literally appears everywhere on the map, going through walls, and dealing insane damage. There is absolutely no compensation for this, a direct hit does like 150. Don't even get me started on how Epic is taunting us with the Siphon by reusing it for a medallion when it was a beloved mechanic. I wanted to love this season so much, but damn.”

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In the comments, some players agreed with the author and shared a similar experience. “I was in a building, behind 2 walls, and that shit killed me immediately”wrote one user.

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“Yeah, it doesn't matter if you build or if you are completely protected. It affects you no matter what,” another mentioned. Meanwhile, one person pointed out that it's frustrating to struggle with, especially when trying to heal yourself.

One user even compared this to Deku's Smash, explaining that Deku's Smash punishes players quite harshly if they miss, while Zeus's Lightning has three charges and is “pretty fast”, making it less risky use.

That said, some players have claimed that Zeus's Lightning could be easily countered. “It's not as abused as you think. Using it several times last night, I got shot more than I hit people with it. And the same with the wings of Icarus, I try to fly away and do rolls, etc. and I still end up getting hit a lot,” one of them wrote.

So far, the Wings of Icarus have already been weakened despite only being in the game for less than 24 hours. Only time will tell if the same thing will happen with Zeus's Lightning.

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