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This Baldur's Gate 3 Villain Can't Be Taken Seriously By Players



Baldur's Gate 3 players have taken a new stance regarding one of the game's most high-profile antagonists, although it's probably not the perspective he would have wanted.

The wide variety of villains in Baldur's Gate 3 is a huge part of what makes the story so compelling. When you add in the fact that you could consider several other characters as antagonists, depending on how you play the role, the possibilities are almost limitless, and that's before you even get into the playthroughs with Durge.

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However, not all villains are created equal, and there is one late-game antagonist who simply doesn't command the same presence as the rest of the rogues gallery.

It was always going to be difficult to follow after Act 2 with Ketheric Thorm, especially with JK Simmons' impeccable voice acting, but players just don't feel the same way about Bane's Chosen Enver Gortash.

Baldur's Gate 3 players just don't feel intimidated by Gortash

Ironically, Gortash is supposed to be the most imposing of the Three Deaths. As the chosen one of the god of tyranny, you would expect him to be more intimidating, but he is rather relaxed in person, and almost immediately offers you a place at his side to rule the world as soon as you reach Act 3.

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To top it all off, players just aren't sold on his style, which doesn't match the look Ketheric and Orin were going for.

A player on the Baldur's Gate subreddit asked: “Am I the only one who doesn't take Gortash seriously? Seriously, the guy looks like a middle-aged Weeb cosplaying Final Fantasy.”

Several players agreed, with one comment saying: “When they described him as a handsome man during my second playthrough, I honestly burst out laughing, as if they really thought that hairstyle went well with this old man's face.”

It doesn't help that the narration insists that Gortash is a handsome young man, despite his model looking significantly older.

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