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This Diablo 4 Pet Bug May Weaken or Boost Your Favorite Build



Newly introduced pets in Diablo 4 are causing havoc due to a classification glitch that sees them as minions. This gives an extra bonus to some builds but severely weakens others.

It’s a fantastic time for Diablo 4 fans. In addition to the major improvements Season 4 brought, a spectacular presentation at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 gave players plenty of reasons to rejoice.

We got our first look at the Vessel of Hatred DLC, including a new class and area to explore. On top of that, Blizzard decided to quietly release pets — a highly requested feature since the launch of Diablo 4.

Unfortunately, a slight hiccup with pets is causing big issues for some Diablo 4 builds. Originally tested by YouTuber MacroBioBoi, Necromancer builds that gain bonuses from not using minions are missing key buffs because the game recognizes your familiar like a servant.

Despite the fact that the Necromancer with minions is widely recognized as the best build in Diablo 4 Season 4, there are options for building this class without its undead. Certain skills and paragon glyphs indeed offer bonuses for not having to include minions.

Of course, since pets are considered servants behind the scenes in Diablo 4, their presence interferes with these bonuses. This is really unfortunate, because pets are handy little helpers that collect falling materials, allowing you to focus on eliminating enemies.

On the other hand, the extra, invincible minion that the pet provides offers even more buffs to Necromancer builds with already overpowered minions. Any skill or glyph that provides additional bonuses for the number of minions you have recognizes the pet as an additional helper.

This is good news for Druids using the Aspect of Cavalcade, which provides similar bonuses for any companion considered a servant. However, the classification problem is something that will need fixing.

Currently, Diablo 4 players using builds that take advantage of the absence of minions are being penalized by what should be a fun addition. Choosing between an adorable puppy and terrifying corpses probably wasn’t Blizzard’s intention.

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