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This “dormant” Warzone weapon is ready to dominate Season 3



Warzone specialist WhosImmortal has highlighted a “dormant” assault rifle in the battle royale that is poised to dominate Season 3 if meta weapons get the expected nerfs.

With Warzone Season 3 upon us, many battle royale fans are looking forward to the return of Rebirth Island more than anything. However, this new update will offer much more.

Although the meta has been in a fairly diverse state recently, the new season will bring new weapon balancing that will change that.

And according to Warzone expert WhosImmortal, who is constantly at the forefront of meta changes, the MTZ-556, which is currently a “sleeping” weapon, is expected to make an important place in players' classes in the coming days.

The stats specialist highlighted this assault rifle in his March 28 video, noting that it currently has a fairly competitive TTK that ranks on par with Warzone's most popular assault rifles.

This weapon currently defends very well and in the future I think it will become even more powerful.“, explains the YouTuber, noting that weapons like the BP50 and RAM-7 are susceptible to nerfs.

This is a weapon that is definitely progressing. I highly recommend you try it and get used to it, so that when this becomes the number one rifle, you will already be ahead of the rest.

  • Mouth : Casus muzzle brake
  • Cannon : Long and heavy barrel MTZ Drifter
  • Cannon accessory : Bruen heavy support handle
  • Telescope : JAK glasses without glass
  • Charger : 50-round drum magazine

WhosImmortal also noted that the MTZ-556 is currently useful because its damage doesn't decay as quickly as some other assault rifles, and it is suitable for Resurgence mode as well as normal BR mode.

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