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This evil cult of Invincible is going to be entitled to big changes



Season 2 ofInvincible still has many stories to tell. One of them concerns the evolution of one of the most emblematic “bad guys” of the work, who will embark on the path to redemption according to one of the showrunners of the Prime Video animated series.

Considered one of the best superhero series currently running, the animated series Invincibleavailable on Prime Video, stands out in particular thanks to its atypical characters, including JK Simmons' Nolan Grayson, the father of Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun).

A character also known as Omni-Man, a sort of Superman-like that fans believed to be a paragon of virtue, but who turned out to be anything but. Because at the end of season 1, his family and the rest of the world discovered his true nature as a Viltrumite, leaving his son at death's door before disappearing from Earth.

Although viewers were made aware of Omni-Man's horrific nature from the first episode, seeing the destruction he left behind didn't make it any easier to digest. So when it was revealed that he would return for Season 2 ofInvinciblefans wondered how the show could bring such a loathsome character back to the screen.

Omni-Man towards the path to redemption in the sequelInvincible ?

According to co-showrunner Simon Racioppa, Omni-Man will indeed be entitled to his redemption arc in season 2 ofInvinciblebut it won't be easy.

Turns out, rehabilitating a mass murderer's reputation is no easy feat, as the showrunner and producer of I explainednvinciblenear The Direct : “We want to make sure that everything in Season 1 matters, everything (Omni-Man) did in Season 1 matters. That it matters to our characters and to the world, and that it matters to him. And he begins to realize that what he did there probably wasn't right; it was pretty bad, and it's starting to take a toll on his psyche. And I think we just want to show you that we're going to explore that”.

nolan grayson omni man invincible season 2

Racioppa continued as follows: “We want to show you that he is a complicated person. He is more than just a mass murderer. Even though, you know, he did terrible things; he feels bad about this. I want to explore that. Can we rehabilitate someone from such a situation? I don't know ; I think that will be a question for our audience. But we are going to look deeply into this”.

For the showrunner, it was important that the teamInvincible ensure that the public is “attached to (their) characters” because they want “taking things from you, and maybe giving them back to you in a different way”. Racioppa then concluded as follows: “So we want to make sure that the show always feels like it’s evolving.”.

Season 2 ofInvincible therefore seems to want to place particular emphasis on the evolution of the characters, which we can observe since the beginning of this new season, and which should continue even more strongly in the next episodes to come.

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