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This Forgotten Warzone Accessory Offers a “Broken” TTK



A conversion kit introduced in Warzone Season 1 is being unfairly overlooked by players as it takes out enemies extremely quickly.

Warzone offers a plethora of conversion kits as the weekly challenges continue to roll in. With so many options, it’s no surprise that a powerful accessory was overlooked despite its meta status in Season 4.

THE Salves JAK Signal conversion kit of the Holger 556 transforms the fully automatic assault rifle into a 4-round burst weapon that deals heavy damage with easy-to-control recoil.

Although it is not ideal for long distances, at medium range it is extremely effective.
It can take down enemies with two to three bursts consistently, provided you aim well. To do this, you need to combine the Salves JAK Signal conversion kit with the best accessories.

And in our opinion, the ZEHMN35 flash reducer compensator and the Bruen pivot vertical handle are excellent at reducing recoil, making burst shots easier, even at range.

THE 5.56 High Velocity Ammo are then of great help, because they increase the speed of the bullets so that each projectile in the burst hits the target, regardless of its movement speed.

Finally, choose a riflescope that suits your taste, the JAK glasses without glass being our choice of choice.

Popular Warzone content creator Metaphor also featured the JAK Signal Salves in his June 18 YouTube video in which he described the accessory as “broken“.

So if you’re looking for something new to use in Warzone, chances are you haven’t tried the JAK Signal Salvos yet, as it’s been largely forgotten since its introduction in Season 1.

This is a great primary weapon for Rebirth Island, and given that it’s a burst weapon, we recommend pairing it with an effective short-range submachine gun like the Superi 46, which could see some nerfs on occasion of the Season 4 Reloaded update, as it dominates all games.

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