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This forgotten Warzone sniper with a “broken” TTK is the new MTZ Interceptor



ce sniper oublie de warzone avec un ttk casse est le nouvel mtz interceptor

This forgotten Warzone sniper with a broken TTK is the

Warzone expert WhosImmortal recently revealed his new class that turns an overlooked sniper into a real contender in the meta, which he claims has a “broken” TTK and is comparable to the MTZ Interceptor that once dominated Urzikstan.

Since Warzone's integration with Modern Warfare 3, which saw the arrival of the full range of weapons in the game, we have seen different metas. The BAS-B was an early favorite, while the RAM-7 dominated much of Season 1 Reloaded.

However, one of the most notorious metas on Urzikstan so far was the MTZ Interceptor. This tactical rifle was the most popular weapon in the game during the first season before finally being nerfed after weeks of complaints.

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But recently, Battle Royale expert WhosImmortal found a weapon that could act as its replacement.

In his February 25 video, the YouTuber highlighted the Carrack .300, a MW2 sniper that barely made an impression when it arrived.

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However, he explained that if you use it more as a tactical rifle, then this one actually has the potential to rival the best weapons in the game.

If you change it from sniper and turn it more into a weapon like the SO-14 or FTAC Recon, then it becomes much more effective“, said WhosImmortal.

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This thing's TTK, when you land your shots consistently at mid range, is one of the fastest in the entire game.

WhosImmortal's Carrack .300 class in Warzone

  • Mouth : VT-7 Spiritfire L silencer
  • Canon : Heavy-Tac 80
  • Telescope : Corio Eagleseye x2.5
  • Charger : 15-round magazine
  • Rear handle : Carrack hand rest

With this class of WhosImmortal's Carrack .300 in Warzone, players will be able to use its semi-auto fire rate to hit multiple shots like a tactical rifle, while still retaining the power of a sniper rifle, allowing it to quickly melt down enemies. opponents.

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