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This forgotten Warzone weapon with “zero recoil” is meta again thanks to its fast TTK



The Warzone meta is constantly evolving as players discover new classes, and CoD expert FaZe Swagg revealed that a forgotten combat rifle actually kills faster than the game's best weapons while having ” zero decline”.

Since the Season 2 update launched, Warzone's meta has been one of the most competitive we've seen. That said, there are still a handful of weapons that stand out, like the MTZ-556 or the RAM-7 despite its nerf.

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But when it comes to long-range combat, there are still plenty of underrated options that can more than hold their own against the more popular choices.

In his March 3 video, Warzone specialist FaZe Swagg claimed that the BAS-B is currently one of the best weapons in the game for long-range combat. Players will remember that this battle rifle was once the king of Urzikstan when it launched, but it was largely forgotten as other weapons took its place.

However, the Youtuber felt that the recoil benefits offered by the new glassless JAK scope mean that the BAS-B is ready to become a serious contender in the meta again, as it shoots incredibly straight and has a faster TTK than his rivals.

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Swagg's BAS-B class in Warzone

  • Cannon : Bruen Venom Long Cannon
  • Mouth : Casus Break L
  • Cannon accessory : Bruen heavy support handle
  • Telescope : JAK without glass
  • Charger : 45-round magazine

This BAS-B class from Swagg in Warzone focuses on accuracy, which is why he chose the Bruen Venom Long Cannon, Casus Break L, and Bruen Support Heavy Grip. However, the real star of this class is the glassless JAK scope, which improves aiming stability to virtually eliminate visual recoil.

Let me tell you, this gun literally has zero recoil and it kills so fast which is amazing. It kills faster than the RAM-7 and MTZ 762“, explained Swagg, before adding that she “tears” in long-distance duels.

So if you're looking to mix things up with a new class in Warzone, then we advise you to breed it quickly.

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