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This frustrating aiming bug in MW3 continues to kill players



MW3 players continue to encounter a frustrating bug that prevents them from aiming properly, whether with a controller or keyboard-mouse.

The MW3 Season 2 Reloaded update launched on all platforms on March 6, introducing new weapons, accessories, and seasonal events.


Season 2 Reloaded also added a significant series of weapon balance adjustments.

Unfortunately, not all players have been able to take advantage of the various additions and changes in the update, due to an issue that disrupts their aim.


MW3 Players Report Aiming Bug After Season 2 Reloaded Update

A user named OfficialNotSoRants detected an aiming glitch and shared proof on the MW3 subreddit. In a short clip, we can see the player's weapon suddenly move upwards several times. This bizarre glitch then led to the player's death near the end of the video.

This Reddit user explained that these “sharp upward movements” occur when using the right stick. “This also happens with the keyboard and mouse.


He claimed that turning off MW3's aim assist feature doesn't help either, as it only makes things worse.

This MW3 player isn't the only one experiencing this frustrating aiming bug. Other fans using controllers and keyboards/mouses have claimed that this error occurs for them when respawning.


One comment noted that this is not an issue with stick movement. “This happens to me from time to time too. Sometimes just when I respawn and I don't even move my right stick. It's different from stick drifting, that's for sure.

One keyboard-mouse user said: “Oh, this is driving me crazy. Every time I spawn.


Elsewhere in the discussion, another MW3 player said that this mostly happens when using a shotgun. “This happens to me very often too when I respawn. I notice this happens more often when I use a shotgun.

These comments and many others all seem to have a common denominator, reappearance. Now let's hope that the MW3 developers can identify the problem and release a fix soon.

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