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This Hilarious Palworld Glitch Has Players Laughing



A Palworld player shares his discovery of a “hilarious” bug affecting enemies in the worst way imaginable.

Earlier this year, Palworld Early Access had a successful launch, with the game managing to overtake some of Steam's popular titles in terms of concurrent players and sales in just a few hours.

Even after more than a month since then, the game continues to receive “Very Positive” reviews on Steam, showing that the “Pokémon with guns” premise was well received by players.

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That said, given the game's current Early Access state, it's not without its share of bugs. Earlier, one player's Pal grew so large that it crashed their game, while another came across their Cattiva “digivolving.”

While the developers have rolled out patch notes to smooth out the experience, one particular bug is still present in the game, as seen in a player's clip on Reddit. In the clip, the player encountered two enemies while riding their Frostallion.

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With his mount's skill, the player was able to freeze enemies, essentially turning them into ice cubes. And here's where the interesting part begins.

While the enemies were frozen in place, the player took out their Rocket Launcher and fired them both. Somehow this caused the two of them, still trapped in the ice cubes, to fly into the sky before falling to their deaths.

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“Sometimes I forget this bug is even a thing, but it's hilarious every time I use it”the user wrote, suggesting this has happened multiple times.

Since this clip was first posted, some players couldn't help but share their thoughts in the comments.

“OK. I'm going to try that,” one person wrote.

Meanwhile, another user claimed that they managed to achieve this bug once but never again.

“The other times, they would stop along the way and only take about half their falling damage on health (still useful, at least), or they would just keep going up and up, disappear, and reappear on the ground unharmed, but aggressive”they explained.

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While it's unclear when this will be fixed, rest assured, players now know that killing two birds with one stone becomes easier thanks to this bug.

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