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This iconic episode of Black Mirror will have a sequel in season 7



Netflix will break the codes of its anthology series to offer a sequel to one of the best episodes of Black Mirror in season 7.

It is by making a lasting impression that the series Black Mirror started in 2011: seeing an English Prime Minister forced to have intimate relations with a sow shocked many spectators when the very first episode was released. However, the pilot was not content to be provocative, having fun deconstructing modern society and its use of media.


Behind the idea, we find Netflix, but above all Charlie Brooker, creator of Black Mirror and screenwriter of numerous episodes. The author has managed to bring his series into the category of classics in more than ten years of existence, and many parts from the different seasons have become emblematic.

Until season 6, the series had fun dissecting our relationship with the media in a purely anthological format. But it seems that season 7 is trying something new: a sequel! And not just any one, since it would be linked to one of the best episodes of Black Mirror.


An iconic episode of Black Mirror will have a sequel in season 7

During the Next on Netflix event on Thursday March 14, the streaming platform revealed that season 7 of Black Mirror will be released in 2025, and will include a sequel to the episode “USS Callister” from season 4.

Jesse Plemons (Robert Daly) in USS Callister from Black Mirror

It is in a short teaser shared on YouTube that the information is now visible, the title of the video indicating the last necessary details: “Six new episodes of Black Mirror are coming in 2025, including a sequel for USS Callister!

Another episode, this time in season 6, had previously been expected to be a sequel to “USS Callister“. Titled “My Heart for life” (“Beyond The Sea” in the original version), it also talks about space travel and one of the characters is played by Aaron Paul, an actor who lent his voice to “player 691” that we heard at the end of “USS Callister“.


Eventually, “My Heart for life” had little connection with the fantasy of a Star Trek in virtual reality. Which did not prevent Netflix from retaining the idea of ​​a sequel.

What is the episode about?USS Callister” in the series Black Mirror ?

For those who have forgotten, the episode in question features Robert Daly (played by Jesse Plemons), a brilliant mind who created the code for the most popular video game of his time, Infinity.

uss callister episode of black mirror interior of the ship

The co-director of the studio is nevertheless demeaned all day long in the premises of his company, and his only refuge is found in a very personal version of his game, in which his colleagues are transformed into docile crew members, in a universe inspired by Star Trek.

But the pathetic nerd actually turns out to be much more vicious than expected: as viewers discover that to make his colleagues appear in his private version ofInfinityhe uses DNA samples, creating perfect and above all conscious copies, which he does not hesitate to torment and torture to let off steam.

The end of the episode of more than an hour is surprising and offers a real conclusion, certainly, but it also leaves the door open to other adventures. At this stage, no details have been revealed about the plot of this sequel: we will have to wait to find out more about season 7 of Black Mirror.

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