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This “incredible” Warzone class makes the HRM-9 overpowered



Warzone specialist WhosImmortal has revealed its new HRM-9 class which transforms the submachine gun into a deadly mid-range weapon.

Warzone Season 2 is in full swing, offering players plenty of new content for Battle Royale and Resurgence modes. This includes the highly anticipated return of the Fortune's Keep map, the debut of Ranked mode in Resurgence, as well as new weapons like the RAM-9 and BP50.

In addition, Activision also brought numerous buffs and nerfs that shook up the current meta of certain submachine guns.

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And recently, Warzone expert WhosImmortal revealed a new class to use with the HRM-9 with which you will dominate your opponents at close and medium range.

WhosImmortal's HRM-9 class in Warzone

  • Mouth : ZEHMN35 flash reducer compensator
  • Cannon : Princeps long barrel
  • Rear handle : PCS-90 Assault Handle
  • Charger : 50-round drum magazine
  • Stock : No stock

To create this deadly class of HRM-9, the first thing to equip is the ZEHMN35 Flash Reduction Compensator. This will give you better control of vertical recoil and will also help horizontal recoil a bit. Additionally, to better control the HRM-9, the PCS-90 Assault Handle is an essential accessory.

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However, the centerpiece of this class is the Princeps Long Cannon, which will significantly increase the range of the HRM-9.

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Finally, No Stock offers a good amount of mobility and maneuverability, and of course, the 50-round Drum Magazine will help you not run out of ammo in the middle of combat.

And that's it for the “incredible” HRM-9 class from WhosImmortal that we strongly advise you to try.

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