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This lightning-fast class of MW3 is every gamer’s dream



Rushing has always been a key part of Call of Duty since the early days of multiplayer. Those who enjoy the run-and-gun style of play should definitely try this class in Modern Warfare 3, as it is the fastest by far.

Added in Season 4 of MW3, the Superi 46 Submachine Gun is a fast-wielding primary weapon that can be configured to have mobility stats surpassing even those of pistols.

While all of his mobility stats are impressive, it’s his aiming movement speed that stands out the most, reaching 5.0 m/s. For comparison, other high mobility weapons like the AMR9 max out at just 4.4 m/s, or about 13% less, which is a huge difference by CoD standards.

So here is the Superi 46 class you should use to make this submachine gun as fast as possible:

  • Mouth : ZEHMN35 flash reducer compensator
  • Cannon : Zulu OP3 light cannon
  • Stock : JAK Cutthroat
  • Cannon accessory : FTAC MSP-98 handguard
  • Rear handle : Sakin ZX handle
Superi Class 46 MW3

MW3 players looking to make the Superi 46 a true speed demon will want to pair it with the Infantry Vest, Combat Gloves, and Stalker Boots. These assets provide various benefits for mobility, making this class faster than fast.

But it’s not like the Superi 46 is going out of control with this class. This submachine gun has excellent recoil control no matter how you configure it.

Ultimately, even this mobility-focused class remains more accurate than most other submachine guns.
The Superi 46’s damage is also excellent, with a competitive TTK of 270ms in its maximum damage range.

It’s not really surprising that the Superi 46 is so powerful, as many new weapons introduced in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone tend to follow this trend. This is especially true for Kar98k, who has dominated the meta since his addition in Season 4.

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