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This MW2 weapon has a “completely crazy” TTK in Warzone



One of Modern Warfare 2's most unique weapons has a “crazy” TTK in Warzone, positioning itself as a go-to option for mid-range duels in the meta. However, this weapon has one major drawback.

At the start of Modern Warfare 3's Warzone cycle, many players were concerned that weapons from the previous game, namely Modern Warfare 2, would have no impact on the meta.

This was not the case, however, as a number of MW2's weapons proved to be quite powerful. Following recent updates, weapons such as the M13C, Tempus Torrent, and STB 556 have been boosted due to their impressive TTKs at different ranges.

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As a result, some Warzone players have continued to look for other options from MW2, and stats expert WhosImmortal may well have discovered another weapon with a “crazy” TTK.

The best FTAC Recon class in Warzone

What weapon is this? This is the FTAC Recon. WhosImmortal highlighted this battle rifle in its February 25 video, noting that it is one of the most “overpowered” weapons in the game. However, there is a catch.

One that I really consider a little underrated, perhaps for good reason, is the FTAC Recon“, declared the Youtuber.

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The TTK of this weapon is absolutely insane at medium and even long ranges, which is where you will use it the most. If you can be extremely accurate with a weapon like this, then you're going to decimate everyone.

  • Mouth : VT-7 Spiritfire silencer
  • Cannon accessory : Bruen heavy support handle
  • Telescope : Corio Eagleseye x2.5
  • Charger : 15-round magazine
  • Stock : PSO Heavy

The only drawback and pitfall of this Modern Warfare 2 weapon is its small ammo capacity. You'll only have a 15-round Magazine in your possession, but the Recon packs a serious punch if you can get past that.

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