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This new anime is more anticipated than season 7 of My Hero Academia



Many anime fans are impatient to discover this new release for spring 2024, so much so that the title is even more anticipated than the sequel to certain very popular shonens, such as for example My Hero Academia.

Although disappointing for some, the winter season still offered some anime that appealed to fans. We will think in particular of season 2 of Mashleor even to the second part of Frieren. But if there is one title that has hit the headlines at the start of 2024, it is obviously Solo Leveling.


And while we are now starting a new season, fans are already looking ahead, impatiently awaiting the next animes planned for spring 2024. And the fact is that many titles of all kinds have been announced, whether new releases but also the return of very popular works, like season 7 of My Hero Academia For example.

And if the public is impatient to find Deku and the other students of Yuei High School, it seems that another anime is even more anticipated than the sequel to My Hero Academia. An anime which should debut in just a few days, and which fans can't wait to discover on their screens.


“My Hero Academia ranked 3rd in Japan for the most anticipated series of spring 2024”

Recently, Filimarks conducted a survey among thousands of Japanese internet users asking them which spring 2024 anime they are most looking forward to. It is therefore not surprising to see Demon Slayer at the top of the list. However, Kaiju No. 8 beat My Hero Academia by placing second, thus beating the famous superhero anime on the podium.


Adapted from the manga of the same name by Naoya Matsumoto, Kaiju No. 8 follows the story of Kafka Hibino, who works for a company tasked with cleaning the streets of the bulky corpses of gigantic monsters, known as Kaiju.

He always wanted to kill these Kaiju but was not qualified to do so. However, Kafka soon finds himself in the middle of the action when a mysterious creature invades his body and transforms him into a hybrid monster. With his new powers, Kafka could finally join the Defense Forces and thus realize his dream.


Kaiju No. 8 will be available on Crunchyroll starting April 13, 2024. You can check out one of the latest trailers right below:

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