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This new Priority Order in Helldivers 2 makes it easier to eliminate Chargers



Helldivers 2’s final Priority Order might encourage mass infanticide, but that doesn’t mean you can’t kill a few Chargers along the way. Fortunately, a side effect of this Priority Order makes the task very easy.


Helldivers 2 introduced a new Priority Order and its missions make us dizzy. While it feels like we’ve just saved a bunch of children, quickly the game asks us to eliminate Terminid nests, which essentially means killing a crowd of insect children.

Not that we mind, exterminating insects is an integral part of spreading Democracy. Plus, we get some cool new toys to do it with, courtesy of Super Earth’s High Command.


Using the new Hive Puncher allows Helldivers 2 players to wipe out entire Terminid nests in one go. Interestingly, this also makes it easier to eliminate other annoying insects.


Calling a Hive Drill creates a massive crater in the ground that leads to a black abyss. Jumping into it yourself results in instant death, but this also applies to your enemies.

As Reddit user ‘Bird_0f_Prey’ pointed out, you can lure Chargers into these craters by making them… charge at you. Usually, these heavily armored insects can be a bit annoying, especially in the middle of a swarm, but this method is a surefire way to get rid of them instantly.


This was exactly the hole I fell into and lost my 18 common, 18 rare and 3 super samples“, lamented a Helldiver. “This video brought me some comfort, learning that insects die there too.


Unfortunately, it appears that other Terminids in Helldivers 2 are not as susceptible to Hive Piercer craters as their counterparts. A player reported that a Corrosive Titan crawled out of the hole after being pulled into it.

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