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This next anime is as crazy as Chainsaw Man according to fans



This next anime that fans will be able to discover in a few months is already shaping up to be one of the gems of 2024. A novelty that has even been compared to the very popular Chainsaw Man because of his “level of insanity”.

Thanks to its animated adaptation released at the end of 2022 and produced by the famous MAPPA studio, Chainsaw Man quickly became one of the most popular shonens of the moment, managing to hit the headlines in the same way as other works which are also very popular with fans, such as for example Jujutsu Kaisen or Demon Slayer. This is why many of them are eager to discover the sequel to the anime, namely the next animated film adapting the arc on Reze.

And if the start of the year was marked by the arrival of Solo Levelingan anime that never stops being talked about, especially after once again making history on Crunchyroll, there is an upcoming new release that could well steal the show by the end of the year , since it is certainly part of the list of the most anticipated anime of 2024.

DanDaDan: the new Chainsaw Man?

It was last November that fans learned that DanDaDan would finally be entitled to its animated adaptation. Great news for fans of Yukinobu Tatsu's manga, which debuted in 2021 on the online platform Shounen Jump+ of the Shūeisha. An upcoming adaptation of which fans were recently able to get a new glimpse, thanks to a new trailer.

Produced by Science SARU, the anime DanDaDan combines romance, comedy, fantasy and horror. It follows the story of Momo Ayase, a high school student who believes in ghosts, while her classmate Ken Takakura believes more in aliens. The two will then try to convince each other, challenging each other to see which of them is right.

An adaptation which is eagerly awaited by fans, as evidenced by the comments that we can see about it on Reddit, some having made the comparison with the work of Tatsuki Fujimoto. Indeed, one of the Internet users explained that if the atmosphere of DanDaDan was not exactly the same as that of Chainsaw ManYukinobu Tatsu's manga still reached “similar levels of insanity”.

A rapprochement between these two universes which is actually not so surprising, because as another Internet user rightly points out, Tatsu was previously Fujimoto's assistant, the two mangakas having collaborated on Chainsaw Man as well as on top Fire Punch.

visual anime dandadan

To discover the animated adaptation of DanDaDanyou will have to wait a few more months, with the anime's release date scheduled for October 2024.

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