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This powerful recoilless assault rifle from Warzone dominates the meta



There are many great weapons in Warzone, but this recoilless assault rifle is formidable when you equip the right attachments.


The MTZ-556 is currently considered one of the best weapons in Warzone. This assault rifle has a fast rate of fire, good damage, high bullet velocity, and exceptional maneuverability and mobility.

However, this assault rifle excels when equipped with attachments that control its recoil, allowing it to be used at long range and hit more of your shots when it counts, also increasing its already excellent TTK.


The MTZ-556 has strong horizontal recoil, so accessories like the Wrathguard Compensator and the Bruen Heavy Support Handle are essential to make the weapon easier to control.


The Wrathguard Compensator reduces the horizontal recoil of the MTZ-556 by 28%, and while it reduces bullet velocity and damage range, you can easily compensate for this by equipping the 5.56 High Grain Ammo.

If you want even more control, the MTZ Marauder stock is another solid choice, while the 50-round drum magazine is ideal for facing several squads, especially since the MTZ-556 has a fairly fast rate of fire.


The MTZ-556 is definitely worth a look, and Warzone streamer IceManIsaac also agrees, describing it as a “absolute laser” in his June 13 YouTube video.


So if you’re looking for a new weapon that’s versatile enough to perform at all distances, the MTZ-556 is a quality choice.

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