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This powerful Warzone class replicates MW2’s iconic Intervention



A Modern Warfare 2 sniper can be used to recreate the iconic Intervention in Warzone, transporting players back to 2009 while dealing serious damage.

Snipers have always been a topic of debate among Warzone players since the game’s launch, from the early days when the Kar98k dominated Verdansk to today, where that same weapon has returned in MW3, wreaking havoc in both Battle Royale and multiplayer.

Although Modern Warfare 3 developers Sledgehammer Games have confirmed that a nerf to the Kar98k will arrive in the Season 4 Reloaded update, that doesn’t necessarily mean the sniper will be buried in Warzone. It is even possible that the Kar98 will still be very powerful after the update.

That said, if this nerf marks the end of the Kar98 meta in Warzone, there are many alternatives, including the MORS which was previously meta, and with this class that FaZe Swagg uses to reproduce the Intervention.

Using the FJX Imperium, the content creator replicated the iconic Intervention who many consider to be the best sniper in Call of Duty history.

Here are the accessories you need to equip:

  • Mouth : Sonic L silencer
  • Laser : VLK LZR 7mw
  • Stock : FJX Lux-7 stock
  • Ammunition : .408 high velocity ammunition
  • Rear handle : Skull-40 Handle

As Swagg explains in the video, you can replace high velocity ammo with explosive ammo if you prefer. This would increase your damage range, which could be very useful if you like to shoot from a distance.

Although the FJX Imperium is not capable of one-shotting a fully armored opponent, the damage decay is much shorter than with the Kar98, both at range and up close, meaning more consistent damage wherever you hit your opponent.

As always, it’s important to clarify that you should try this class out to see how it works and make adjustments based on your own playstyle and what feels most comfortable to you.

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