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This Starfield companion acclaimed by players for his attitude



Starfield has many companions to recruit that bring unique abilities to your crew. But players on Reddit believe that this starting companion is the best since it turns a blind eye to everything the player does.

Bethesda's DNA shines in Starfield, as the sci-fi RPG incorporates all the features associated with the studio's titles. There are many examples, like the character creation system, skill trees, various dialogue options, and even the physics behind items.

Starfield also features companions which are essentially a hallmark of Bethesda's RPGs. These NPCs can join your ship's crew, work on outposts, lend a hand during combat, and more. Players can even choose to romance one of the four main companions. They are all members of Constellation and arguably the most developed characters in the game.

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They have distinct personal histories, tastes, and personalities. But despite this, players believe that one of the companions is the best.

Starfield players believe that the starting Starfield companion is the “only one with a soul.”

A discussion on the subject broke out after a post from user ameliog. The player seemed to insinuate that robot companion Vasco is nothing more than an obstacle. He stated, “ What is Vasco actually used for? Other than blocking landing bays, narrow spaces, and views during combat? »

Unfortunately for him, his question was quickly deflected. Indeed, users were quick to defend Vasco and even crowned him the best companion in Starfield.

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In support of the adorable robot, one user said: “ Vasco is the only one who has a soul. He can use your name. My character name is Alan White, and he always calls me Captain White. He's the only one who respects the title. So Vasco is the Best “.

Another user offered a very different reason to support this claim. He explained : ” He's very good at not giving a damn. Nothing touches him “. The lack of emotion Vasco expressed seemed to be a point in his favor. One player even credited him for “ having killed humans without judgment “.

Other positives to his credit included his willingness to guard your ship, make funny jokes, and avoid being a “ spoiler “.

Starfield's robot companion has clearly made a big impression on players. It will be interesting to see if the developers give him a bigger role in the Shattered Space DLC.

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