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This surprising Warzone assault rifle rivals the best submachine guns



One of Modern Warfare 2’s assault rifles is proving to be a top-tier submachine gun in Warzone, thanks to a few buffs.

Over the past few years, Warzone players have been able to adapt some of their favorite weapons in significant ways, completely changing their use in the Battle Royale. We’ve seen snipers become shotguns, pistols become snipers, and more.

But one of the most popular surprising uses is to turn an assault rifle into a submachine gun. A possibility that arises when an AR achieves an impressive TTK at short range, coupled with good mobility.

Warzone specialist WhosImmortal has decided to highlight a new assault rifle transformed into a submachine gun, the M13C, a weapon that was very popular in Modern Warfare 2.

The M13C is surprisingly good. The close range TTK of this weapon is very, very competitive“, he said in his June 16 video. The Youtuber clarified that his class aims to increase movement speed and bullet velocity, which is exactly what you want in a submachine gun.

He added that this assault rifle is an often underestimated option, while it is “surprisingly good” when equipped as a submachine gun.

Here are the accessories you need to equip to turn the M13C into a submachine gun:

  • Mouth : Scratch 20-L silencer
  • Accessory cannon : FTAC SP-10 Angled Handle
  • Telescope : Slate deflector
  • Ammunition : Blackout High Grain Ammunition
  • Charger : 45-round magazine

The M13C is capable of transforming into a submachine gun thanks to damage range buffs and multipliers from previous updates.

This Modern Warfare 2 assault rifle was left unchanged in Season 4, but it was quietly tweaked in Season 3 and Season 3 Reloaded.

It hasn’t exactly made a splash since those buffs, with WZRanked still ranking it as the 84th most popular weapon, but it clearly hits very hard.

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