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This tip revolutionizes farming in Palworld



A Palworld player has found an ultra-effective farming tip that saves a lot of space in the base.

Palworld's excellent mix of survival, crafting and creature collecting has propelled it to the second most played game of all time on the Steam charts, despite allegations of plagiarism that Nintendo has finally responded to.

Its relatively open style of play and fairly comprehensive early access have inspired astonishing creativity among Palworld players. Pals trainers of all types have revealed their tips for making life easier, including a brilliant technique for eliminating bosses.

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Probably the craziest trick you'll see today comes from Reddit user u/MaleficentPhysics268. This player has indeed found a way to stack several Plantations on top of each other, which is extremely useful.

What u/MaleficentPhysics268 calls “Consolidated Farming 2.0” is actually an improvement on an earlier experiment. After some trial and error, the player discovered how to stack several Plantations in Palworld on top of each other. And it works!

All the food produced by the Plantations is accessible by the Pals of your base, because according to our ingenious player, the crops “come out on top”. This means that rather than taking up a lot of space by placing large Plantations next to each other, you can adopt vertical farming and enjoy maximum productivity.

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To do this, you must be able to build a Stool, a Tire, and any of the four Palworld Plantation types. You will also need patience and precision in order to find the ideal pixel allowing you to stack the Plantations in this way.

To set up your vertical farming point, you will need to craft a Stool, then successfully build a Plantation on it, as shown in the video. Once in place, disassemble the Stool and do the same thing with a Tire underneath. The third Plantation should simply fit under your two Floating Plantations.

u/MaleficentPhysics268 said they want to continue experimenting to see if they can stack the Plantations higher for ever greater food production.

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