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This Underutilized Warzone Perk Has a Secret Perk That Makes It Overpowered



In Warzone, players tend to use the same perks in their classes and there isn't too much change, but this underutilized perk is actually much more effective than most players think.

While there is sometimes a bit of change in players' perk packs, there are also perks that are rarely used, and some that players have never even used at all.

That said, some of these less popular perks can often completely change your game, and Warzone expert IceManIsaac believes he's found a perk that's far better than average players realize: Irradiated.

The perk description states “While under the effect of the gas circle, you move faster and take less damage from the gas.”

Additionally, you can also apply armor plates while taking gas damage, whereas without this perk you stop equipping as soon as you start taking damage.

What many players have yet to realize, however, is that this applies to all forms of damage you can take in the game. For example, if you are equipping plates and When a player starts shooting at you, when normally your Operator would stop applying plates, Irradiated allows you to combat this and continue to increase your health with plates.

This is perfect when moving through Urzikstan, Vondel, or Fortune's Keep, or even just trying to feint opponents around buildings, without slowing down your health regeneration, and could often be the difference between winning or losing a duel .

Whether you consider this important enough to take one of your perk slots ultimately depends on you and your playstyle, but what is certain is that this perk can be a real game-changer.

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