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This Warzone “pay to win” scope makes it easy to spot enemies



The new collaboration between Fallout and Warzone includes a new “pay to win” scope that makes enemies easier to spot from afar.

This new Fallout thermal scope highlights enemies in bright green when spotted, allowing you to easily eliminate them without exposing yourself. It can also be equipped on any weapon, which makes it really powerful compared to other popular options.

To add this thermal scope to your class, you must purchase the Fallout pack in the in-game store, which costs 2,800 CoD Points, or around 25 euros. If you already have it, the scope you are looking for is called FSS Specter Microthermand you must select the Atomic Disintegrator skin.

This accessory was noted by content creator Metaphor, claiming that this “insane” thermal scope is “really strong” even against players who own Cold Blood. This perk claims to make players undetectable by thermal goggles. However, it appears that this doesn’t work with the new Fallout scope.

Although the FSS Specter Microtherm scope is some players’ choice for detecting enemies in smoke, the Atomic Disintegrator skin’s bright green highlight effect makes it “broken” compared to its base version, which is why Metaphor called it “pay to win”.

In Warzone, the battlefield can become cluttered with killstreaks, buildings, equipment, and other obstacles. This is why using a clear scope with a pronounced effect like Fallout’s Green Highlighter can give players a significant advantage over their opponents, especially in long-range confrontations.

So if you want to take advantage of this scope before a possible nerf, you know what you have to do.

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