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This Warzone “Recoilless” Assault Rifle Wreaks Havoc With Its Blazing Pace



In Warzone, the ever-changing meta can turn sidelined weapons into prime weapons. This change recently came with an iconic assault rifle known for its blazing rate of fire, making it a quality option.

Given the huge amount of weapons available in Warzone, choosing just one can be a difficult task. However, with meta weapons dominating player choices, many of them often go unnoticed, despite having good stats on paper.

This is the case of the iconic M13B assault rifle. Although it is not among the most popular weapons, mainly because it is part of MW2’s arsenal, it can achieve a rate of fire impressive 860 ms in Warzone.

In his June 12 video, content creator Metaphor also highlighted that the M13B has exceptional performance in Warzone, highlighting the fact that it is ” without recoil » and its impressive rate of fire.

To get the most out of it, you’ll need to equip the best accessories. To achieve this, I chose muzzle VT-7 Spiritfire and the Bruen Echelon 14″ cannon to massively increase bullet velocity and improve range, recoil control and shot control.

This allows you to easily land shots over 40 yards with a TTK value of around 710ms. Then I chose the ammunition 5.56 NATO High Grain Rounds to further increase bullet speed and weapon range.

Finally, I selected the 45-round magazine and my favorite glasses, the JAK Without glasswhich gives me clear vision to spot enemies and a ton of ammo so I don’t have to constantly reload.

Similar to its original version, the M13B should be considered a great choice whether you’re playing in Urzikstan or Resurgence, as it covers almost all ranges. This classic Warzone assault rifle is easy to use, recoilless, and has an SMG-like rate of firewhich makes it deadly if you’re fast.

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