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This Warzone submachine gun with its blazing TTK is the perfect alternative to the Superi 46



Having the best submachine gun in Warzone is essential to dominating any close combat. Following Season 4’s weapon adjustments, a previously popular option has returned thanks to its extremely fast TTK comparable to that of the Superi 46.

Warzone offers a wide variety of weapons to players, including versatile assault rifles and long-range snipers. However, for close quarters combat, submachine guns have proven to be the most effective option in the game.

Despite the growing popularity of the Superi 46 and FJX Horus in Season 4, the RAM-9 has become a top choice in Warzone, especially on small and frenetic maps like Rebirth Island, which features many tight spaces at inside and outside of buildings.

According to the TrueGameData comparison tool, the RAM-9 displays a TTK of 650ms, which is 20ms more than the Superi 46’s TTK of 630ms. However, at a distance of 20 meters, this gap reduces to only 5ms.

Content creator Booya highlighted this weapon in his June 11 video, highlighting its high aiming speed and smooth movement when equipped with the right attachments.

To excel with the RAM-9, Booya equipped the ZEHMN35 flash reducer compensator and the combo Laser SL Razorhawk to achieve controllable recoil and increased speed of transition from sprinting to shooting and aiming.

THE DR-6 handguard This is followed by significantly improving movement, aiming and crouching speed, which is essential to feeling agile.

Finally, the 9mm High Grain Ammo and the 50-round magazine provide better bullet velocity, greater range, and increased ammo capacity to allow the RAM-9 to compete with other short-range weapons beyond 20 meters and avoid running out of bullets in midair. fight.

In summary, if you are looking for a high-performance submachine gun capable of competing with the Superi 46 in Warzone, the RAM-9 is an option to seriously consider, especially for maps offering intense close-quarters combat.

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