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“Thread pullers” are being banned in Tekken 8



Tekken 8's promised ban hammer began to sing. As reported by PSU, Bandai Namco is applying disciplinary punishments to cheaters in the fighting game – with emphasis on “thread pullers”, that is, those who intentionally disconnect from matches.

“Plugging” has been a huge issue for Tekken 8 since launch, as there was no real penalty in place. For example, Tekken 7 would give you a warning for your first disconnection, and you would lose rank points from then on, and your name would turn yellow or red, depending on how much you continued to disconnect.

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Now, however, it appears that this is changing. Famous fighting game streamer Dale Wilson, also known as LowTierGod, is notorious for disconnecting in several games, including Tekken 8, only to discover while streaming that he has been banned from playing the game online.

Tekken 8 is available for PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

Team Battle Mode in Tekken 8 depends on the fans

Harada conditioned the addition of Team Battle Mode in Tekken 8 to fan requests. In a recent interview, he said that the doors to team mode are not closed and that players' requests are listened to. Click here to learn more.

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