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TimeSplitters 2 remake has official gameplay released



A taste of what the canceled TimeSplitters 2 remake could have been was recently revealed to the public. A snippet of gameplay, shared by Rob Steptoe, a former developer of the project, was posted on LinkedIn, and the content let fans most excited about the title see what the return of the franchise would be like.

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The cancellation of the TimeSplitters 2 remake occurred in late 2023, during a major restructuring of the Embracer Group. This restructuring led to the closure of several game development studios, including Free Radical, the studio that handled the game.

The content below, as indicated in the video, was internal and showed a build from July 2023. See:

Despite the project's cancellation, the gameplay footage was saved by Steptoe, who wrote on the corporate social network: “I'll make sure to post what I can.”

Based on the content displayed, the title focusing on the shooter style would have weapons with different rarities selectable in a Fortnite-style menu. Furthermore, players would have many varieties in choosing operators and equipment to control in the match.

Canceled, TimeSplitters 2 remake has concept art shared

After the cancellation of the Timesplitters 2 remake, a lot of content began to be released on the internet, suggesting that there is no NDA preventing the devs from sharing more news in the future. Check it out here!

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