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TimeSplitters 4 has a prototype released on the internet



Closed this year by Embracer Group, Free Radical Design was working on TimeSplitters 4 in mid-2008, but canceled development of the game. Years later, the prototype of a DEMO appears on the internet and shows the state of the title at the time.

Planned for PS3 and Xbox 360, the game was discontinued shortly after the studio announced the layoff of 145 employees and was sold to Crytek. A long time ago, teasers and screenshots appeared officially, but never introducing a broader view of the project.

Now, several details about TimeSplitters 4 have been shared on streaming platforms. Extended videos showcase a time travel system, a multiplayer map, and various content from a playable build. Check out the materials below:

TimeSplitters 4 may have been canceled due to lack of interest

The TimeSplitters 4 prototype was first spotted on an eBay listing earlier this month. Someone managed to buy the devkit with the DEMO and decided to share excerpts on YouTube, after confirming its legitimacy.

Interestingly, Free Radical founder David Doak posted a message on X about the recent discovery and suggested that publishers were not interested in the game. As a result, the decision to cancel the project ended up coming true.

What did you think of this prototype? Would you like to have played it on your PS3? Comment!

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