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Tokyo Ghoul fans want a remake for the anime's 10th anniversary



While the anime Tokyo Ghoul will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year, a new project was recently announced. This therefore sparked strong reactions from fans who couldn't help but speculate about the project, with some hoping that the animated adaptation could be entitled to a remake.

Pre-published in the magazine Weekly Young Jump of Shūeisha between 2011 and 2014, the manga Tokyo Ghoul by Sui Ishida is certainly one of the works that most impacted fans in the 2010s, becoming a true phenomenon in all four corners of the world.

And if seinen quickly became one of the most popular titles with the public, it is partly thanks to its animated adaptation produced by the Pierrot studio, and in particular thanks to season 1 released in 2014. The anime s ended in 2018 after four seasons. However, the last seasons were heavily criticized, with many pointing out a lack of fidelity compared to the original manga.

And as the anime celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, Ken Kaneki fans have discovered that a new project has been announced, reigniting hopes that Tokyo Ghoul can finally be entitled to an animated adaptation that does honor to Ishida's work.

A remake of the anime Tokyo Ghoul in preparation for the 10th anniversary?

Following the announcement of the project for the 10th anniversary of the anime Tokyo Ghoul, fans are hoping it's a remake. The reveal of the project has led to a lot of speculation, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

What first alerted fans about the project was the appearance of a website. Many fans are therefore campaigning on the networks for a remake of the anime. They hope that the latter will offer an adaptation more faithful to the manga which will follow the development of the story. However, no indication regarding a remake of Tokyo Ghoul has not yet been given.

“Tokyo Ghoul was always in need of a remake after the colossal failure of its anime adaptation. If it really is a 100% remake… I would be beyond speechless”

A first visual of the upcoming project was recently revealed alongside a teaser. The studio also announced that all episodes of Tokyo Ghoul will be broadcast for free on the official Studio Pierrot YouTube channel from April 5. However, there is still no news regarding the anime remake.

The idea that anime Tokyo Ghoul being entitled to a remake is in any case enough to arouse the enthusiasm of fans on the networks, as evidenced by the comments that can be found on this subject on X (formerly Twitter):

“A remake is necessary because everything after the 1st season must be thrown out.”

“No way the anime will get a remake. If true, that would be the pinnacle. The original anime was so rushed, I'm really 100% hoping for a remake, but man, this is crazy. Let’s hope”

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