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Tokyo Psychedemic arrives for PS5 on May 30; trailer



Prepare your survival kit as it's time to explore pandemic incidents in the Japanese capital. The producer Gravity Game Arise confirmed the release date for Tokyo Psychodemic: May 30th. The interactive investigation game already has a demo available and will arrive on PS5 It is PS4.

In the plot, the player will need to join forces with other characters, each with specific skills, to help solve unexplained murder cases. Everything happens amidst and also after a pandemic in which a virus with lethality above 80% decimated the local population.

Feel the premise of the game, as announced by the studio.

Four years have passed since the collapse of the lockdown in Tokyo. (…) Using the pandemic as a pretext, the Abnormal Cults order continues to hide from the public and act in secret, leaving traces of its existence in inexplicable incidents. (…) The protagonist explores the clues that the police are unable to follow, (…) discovering secrets, tragedies and clues that connect the dots of unsolved cases.

Tokyo Psychodemic trailer

In gameplay, you will have to investigate and analyze people, watch videos from surveillance cameras and select items of importance at crime scenes. Collecting this data means putting together a picture of evidence with threads that connect suspects to their actions. It is the way to discover the truth.

Watch the trailer below.

The title will also be released for PC and Nintendo Switch on the same date.

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